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The Art of Anticipation

Dead Like Harry "The Art of Anticipation"

A few beers , the lights low, the audience anticipation, on they come and I’m there. Dancing to the rhythm, singing along to the words. feeling the camaraderie of everyone present. “Sheffield’s Alt-Rock Popsters” says the promotional material. (“Popsters”. This word alone might be the kiss of death for most, but in this case it’s accurate, but not in a bad way).

Their sound has pop undertones, but adds an upbeat appeal to their sound.”Perfect Disguise” opens and launches playfully into an infectious beat. But not all of the album has foot tapping numbers. There are more introspective pieces, such as “Where do you Go?”, a song stripped back about the machinations of love and doubt. Here, there are strains of country and angst. “The Morning” is in a similar vein but more acoustic. Gentle, soft, sad. In contrast, “I Believe” has East meets West with sitar sounds and country rock riffs and rhythm. Something of an experimental piece I would hazard. A couple of tracks later, we have “I can’t Dream about you anymore”; more experimentation, with a nod to Pink Floyd. The final track “Where The Bands Are” had me thinking Bruce Springsteen was about to guest. It has “finale” written all over it, both live and recorded. This is their second album, having previously released a single and an EP and their profile has been heightened by recent airplay on “Hollyoaks”. Six tracks from their first album were featured on the series. This will do no harm to their potential audience. Having said this, their sound could have been created 20 years ago and has something of a timeless quality about it. It will be interesting to see how this band develops.


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Hello everyone... We just wanted to let you know that the Limited Edition CD version of Samuel Taylor's first EP of 2015 'Dead White Roses' is now available from Bandcamp (link below)!